a3 phatnoise

PhatNoise installation into 8P A3

The following document shows most of the steps to install a PhatNoise jukebox in your A3.

The parts you will need are:

A000 057 110 C – Phatnoise Jukebox

AZGB 000 057 1 – Bracket

A4B0 051 735 B – CD Changer Cable

If you have a Sympony\Concert\Chorus II+ head unit you will also need an additional cable to convert the abve CD Changer lead from 20 pin to 12 pin quadlock insert (part number 1J0 051 445 D - should be about £8\€13). For more details on how to use this adapter see the bottom of this guide.

1) Remove load liner and parcel shelf from boot.

2) Remove spare wheel from boot.

3) Remove panel at base of tailgate by pulling up at the points shown in the image below (pull up from base of arrows, not from top of arrows!) There are two retaining spuds behind the panel holding it it. Don't be afraid to give it a strong tug.

4) Remove the pound coin sized cap from the circled area, then remove the screw under it with a Torx 40 bit.

5) Remove screw below with a Torx 20 bit

6) Prise out the light fitting with a screwdriver at the point indicated in the image below.

7) Unclip the light from the connector below.

8) Insert fingers behind the side panel at the top of the light cluster and pull outwards, towards the driver's side

9) Insert fingers behind parcel shelf holder and pull outwards towards driver's side. There are retaining clips along the to edge at the points indicated below.

10) Lift the base of the panel up and over the luggage hook

11) With the other sides all unclipped, pull rest of panel from bodywork. There is a metal pushpin behind the spot indicated below. The right hand edge of the panel uphooks from the panel also - there are 5 or 6 clips on the edge of the fabric.

The next step is to remove the glovebox.

Next you need to remove the footwell panel at the base of the A-pillar. There is a pushpin clip where my hand is. Give it a good solid tug towards the rear of the car.

Next you need to remove the sill panel. Pull up at the spots marked below, from left to right.

The next step is to remove the head unit. You will need four Audi radio removal keys. Insert the with the pointy edge pointing towards the doors.

Pull out on the bottom two pins and the radio should slide right out

Remove the black quadlock connector, circled below. You will need to open the latch from the bottom. The blue 12 pin connector from the adapter cable goes into the slot marked X. You will also need to unhook the antenna leads from the opposite corner.

Unfortunately my camera died at this point, so I don't have photos of the rest of the install.

The next step is to feed the cd changer cable from the head unit across behind the glovebox, along the floor behing the sill panel, along the side of the rear seat and up into the area behind the boot side panel.

You can mount the unit wherever you want, but I found the best place to mount it was as high as you can go in the top right hand corner.

I fed the wire out through the hole where the shopping hook (commonly referred to as a curry hook) should be. I then positioned the Phatnoise on the panel, making sure that the bracket will be mountable on the back of it. There are a number of foam strips on the back of the panel, so best to make sure before drilling any holes. Also make sure you do not mount it too high or the seat will not return to the locked position.

To finish the job off, I got some stick on felt and covered the hole where the curry hook used to be.

I've uploaded a PDF I received from Audi for the install - doesn't really tell you much that isn't shown above. The only difference in the mounting position is that they suggest mounting it upside down form the way I have done it, and cutting a hole in the side panel to feed the cable through. Bit of a butchering job if you ask me.


20pin-12pin adapter notes.

If you are fitting the PhatNoise jukebox into a vehicle with a generation II+ head unit or the RNS-E then you will need to purchase the 20pin-12pin adapter mentioned at the top of this guide.

The CD-Changer cable should come in a bag with three small connectors - 1 x 8pin blue, 1 x 6 pin green and 1 x 6 pin yellow. The wires from the CD-Changer cable should be fitted to the blue connector as per the fitting notes that came with the cable with the exception of the brown wire (Pin 10\Earth). This earth wire should be attached to a bolt in the space behond the head unit. The three small connectors should be joined together to form 1 20-pin block and then inserted into the red end of the 20pin-12-pin adapter and the 12-pin blue end into the back of your head unit.

Here is the adapter connected to the quadlock connector:

Here is the 20-pin connector in the red end of the adapter:

Here are the three small connectors joined together:

Here is the small 8-pin blue connector on the end of the CD-Changer cable.