rns-e aux-in

How to add Aux-In to your RNS-e

With SW0650 for the RNS-e it is possible to add the Aux-In connection to your RNS-e. Those of you who replaced your standard head unit, which had the aux-in port beside the handbrake, with an RNS-e will now be able to get it to work too.

See bottom of this document for info on adding the Aux-In port to your Concert\Symphony II+ head unit or connecting your factory fit Aux-In from your original Concert\Symphony II+ to your retrofitted RNS-e.

You can buy the aux-in port and connectors from Audi, but I priced them here and they were about 30 euro all in, and also the port goes in the hole next to the handbrake which I've replaced with the RS4 start button so have nowhere to put it.

I decided to buy a repair wire and a 3.5mm double ended headphone jack lead thingy (excuse the highly technical jargon there!) and do a DIY job on it.

If you want to go down the OEM route the part numbers you'll need are:

8J0 035 475 - Aux-In Socket - £9.78\€25.01

8E0 973 754 - 4-pin Flat contact housing - £0.78\€1.91

000 979 009 - Repair Wire - c.£1\€3

If you already have a multimedia adaptor you should only need one repair wire as you can tap into the combined earth. If you don't have a multimedia adaptor you will need two repair wires and also the following:

1J0 972 977 G - 32 pin AV connector - don't have a price for this.

The pinouts for the Aux-In socket are - (1) Aux-In GND, (2) Aux-In Right, (3) Aux-In Left, (4) unused.

I opted not to go down this route and since I already had a multimedia adaptor only needed to purchase 1 repair wire (which I ended up getting FOC).

I also purchased the 3.5mm headphone lead with a male connector on each end. I couldn't find one anywhere so ended up buying an AutoLeads one in Halfords for about a tenner.

The first step is to enable Aux-In via VAGCOM - assuming you already have SW0650 installed.

Select 56 Radio or 37 Navigation, then press Coding 07 and change the 6th digit to a 5. (0xxxx5x). Once you have commited this change you will need to do a reset of your RNS-e by pressing Radio+Setup simultaneously until the unit restarts. Once the unit is powered back up select CD and under the sources menu you should now have AUX.

With that complete remove your RNS-e from the dash.

Cut one end off your 3.5mm headphone cable to and strip it back to reveal the wires inside. My lead had 3 wires - red, white and yellow. You will need to work out which one is left, right and earth. I took an educated guess and assumed left was white, right red and yellow earth (and appear to have been correct!)

Then take your repair wires - if you've only bought one then cut it in half and connect each half to the left and right wires. If you needed two of them then connect one half of the additional wire to the earth.

You will then need to remove the cover from the AV lead that connects to the RNS-e and insert the new wires as follows:

Left - Pin 22 of AV connector

Right - Pin 6 of AC connector

Earth - Pin 21 of AV connector

If you already have a multimedia adaptor then chances are that pin 21 will already have a cable in it. If this is the case then you will need to connect the earth wire from the headphone lead to this wire.

You can run the headphone end of the lead to wherever you want. I ran mine down the back of the head unit and into the passenger footwell. It runs down beside the handbrake and when not in use I can tuck it back up under the center console.

Once that's done you can put everything back together and hook in an external audio source. Obviously you should test it first to make sure you've guessed right with the left\right\earth wires.

All in all a nice cheap mod - all for less than a tenner. If you have a mate who also has an RNS-e and wants to do this mod then you could go halvers on the headphone lead and use an end each!

For those of you who already had the Aux In port before you fitted your RNS-e you can simply remove the three wires from the quadlock and insert them into the AV connector

Here's the pinout diagram for the Concert\Symphony II+. Just remove the AUX-R, AUX-L and AUX GND pins.

If you don't have an RNS-e but would like to add Aux In to your Concert\Symphony II+ then you can connect L,R and GND to the above pins and then using VAGCOM recode your head unit to


  • +1 = Analog Input (AUX)
  • +2 = Multifunction Steering Wheel
  • +4 = Telephone

In other words if you don't have phone prep or MFSW then you would recode your wheel to 01x0xxx, if you have MFSW you would recode to 03x0xxx, and if you have phone prep and MFSW then you would recode to 07x0xxx.

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