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Enable Coming Home & Leaving Home Lighting on 8P A3

If your car did not come with Coming Home & Leaving Home Lighting you can enable it by following this procedure.

You will need one repair wire 000 979 009. It is not necessary that your car have auto-lights\wipers or auto-dimming mirrors to enable this feature.

First you need to remove the fuse box cover from the side of the dashboard.

Next you need to remove the 8mm bolt from the side.

Then remove the two 8mm bolts from the underside of the lower dash panel.

Once you have the bolts out unclip the housing. Once you have the dash trim removed you will need to disconnect the two plugs from the back of the light switch and detach the diagnostic port from the trim.

Next look up under the dash and you will see a block of connectors marked A-H. Slide the red bar towards the driver's door and then remove plug E.

Remove the connector from the housing and then insert one end of the repair wire into pin 12.

Connect the other end of the wire to an earth point. I used the bolt above the fuse box but you can attach it to any earth point in the car.

Once that's done you can put the car back together. By using the bolt by the fuse box as an earth you will be able to access it without having to take the dash apart again.

With that complete, the next step is some simple VAGCOM coding.

Open 09 - Cent. Elect. and select Coding, then Long Coding Helper.

Check Byte 00 Bit 5 and Byte 00 Bit 7.

Close out and select Do It to write the changes.

Next under 09 - Cent. Elect. select Adaptation

Channel 01 is the number of seconds you want the coming home to be active - 0 to 120.

Channel 02 is the number of seconds you want the leaving home to be active - 0 to 120.

That's it.

Begin the testing with the engine running, turn the engine off and remove the key. The sidelights, dipped lights and tail lights should turn on. Exit the car and lock it via the remote. The lights should turn off after the time specified in Channel 01 has elapsed.

Once that's finished unlock the car via the remote and the sidelights, dipped lights and tail lights should turn on. They will remain on until one of the following three things occurs:

1) You open the driver's door

2) You lock the car again

3) The time specified in Channel 02 has elapsed.

You can leave the light switch at the off position and the lights will go off after the timeout, or you can turn on your parking lights and once the timeout period has elapsed all the lights will go out leaving just the selected parking light(s) on.

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